About Casey's Photography

Hey, y'all! My name is Casey and I am the owner of Casey's Photography! I am one of the most crazy, fun, outgoing, experimental, passionate people that you will ever meet, but more on me in a few.

In these photos, you will likely say "wow he looks so young" (or maybe not since I grew the beard LOL) and that is very true! I opened Casey's Photography in 2012 when I was still in high school with a lot of support from my family and friends and a lot of begging for things that cost money at Christmas time. From the moment I got my first professional camera for Christmas in 2012, it was GAME ON!

I was photographing everything at every price point and learning more than I could fathom at every shoot I went on! By the time I graduated High School I was convinced I was an expert (like most high school seniors) but boy was I WRONG!!!

After High School, I went off to college at Freed-Hardeman University where I met a lot of friends and made a lot of connections that would change my life forever. It was here that I really LEARNED photography and learned all the things I didn't know yet! I learned that you could take studio lights outside! LIKE WHAT!!!!! I learned that you don't have to shoot photos so that EVERYTHING is in focus! CRAZY SAUCE! most importantly though I met other people that pushed me to get better and become both the man and the photographer that I am today!

While in college is where I really got my business started. I spent hours looking at images online, talking to professors, shooting with friends to build up portfolios of work to let me do what I was truly passionate about!

About Casey

This leads us to the part that is more about me and less about the story of my business!

I am a professional photographer and admittedly a workaholic! Anyone who knows me very well or has had a session with me recently knows that I work WAY too much and almost never sleep! So much so it has become a joke with a lot of my regular clients! As you can tell from these photos my team and I work very hard to create images that will last a lifetime for each and every one of our clients no matter the session. I am not sure a photo of me exists where my hair is not a mess and my clothes look like I have been laying on the ground at a shoot (probably because I was this is a common happenstance) but I think that is a perfect testament to the devotion that I have for my work and the love that I have for my clients to create images that I know they will print and look at daily with smiles on their faces.

On top of being a passionate photographer, I am also a photography instructor at Nossi College of Art in Nashville which has turned out to be another passion of mine! Who knew that coming into a class and teaching and inspiring the lives of the next generation of professionals could be so AWESOME!


I am a passionate sports lover! Everything from professional football to hockey to high school tennis I can get behind any sport! This is where I really started building my portfolio in college to be able to do what I love with the things that I am passionate about. You will find a lot of photos of sports all around my website. Some of them portraits of athletes some of them action shots from the field and that is because sports is what I love! Just another reason I stay so busy! When I have a day off it is common to find me in a gym or on a field maybe even with kids I don't even know just creating images!

My passion for sports has led to a lot of connections and a lot of open doors for me in the last couple of years. In 2016 I started working some nights and a LOT of weekends for a local newspaper to photograph high school sporting events. This was in my opinion the best job ever! I got paid to go out and do what I loved! Fast forward a couple years and THOUSANDS of photos I landed an internship with the Nashville Sounds (AAA Baseball Team) and learned so much about the professional sports world and about image needs and speed of content and I was HOOKED! I knew on my first day with the team that being in professional sports is what I wanted to do! Fast forward another year (I am about to graduate college) and the Nashville Sounds call me up out of the blue and tell me there has been an opening for the head photo position of Team Photographer and wanted to offer it to me before they made it public. Obviously, I jumped up and down while on the phone and accepted an invite to discuss the details.

I accepted the job as Team Photographer for the Nashville Sounds in 2019 and am loving every second of it. Not long after accepting this position, I was approached by an editor I had befriended at a newspaper while hustling and also accepted a job as the professional sports photographer for the Nashville Post.

So long story short I am now living my dream life every day photographing professional teams all over Nashville including the Nashville Predators, Nashville Sounds, Nashville Soccer Club, and the Tennessee Titans, while constantly working to grow my portrait and wedding business and learn other new and fun skills along the way.

What We Are Doing Now

Now that you know all about Casey (or you skipped all those words trust me I know I am ADD too) you are probably wondering what all we do! My team and I make up a company that specializes in Weddings and Senior Portrait photography. These are the things that we are overwhelmingly passionate about and that is what pushes us to be the best that we can be in everything that we do. Of course, I am still shooting sports non-stop (no one can ever stop that) but I am passionate about more than just the action on the field! I am passionate about telling the story of the game or of the season and about capturing images that don't just make great images for billboards but show off who each of the players are inside!

When you hire me and my team this is what you get, passion for capturing the best images of the subject that are not only cool places with pretty backgrounds but show who that person is on the inside. I pride myself on getting to know my clients and connecting with them in a way that makes everyone so comfortable that they let out their true selves. The smiles that I capture are real from genuine jokes that we told their friends that we talked about. Each of my clients become a friend before the session is over and every one of them tells me that they love how their photo turn out for that exact reason.