Senior Portraits

What Is A Senior Portrait?

Senior portraits are the perfect way to capture memories that will last a lifetime of your special young person during one of the most exciting times in their life. Their last year of high school before they move off to college and begin living alone and transition into being a real adult! WOW! don't even want to think about it do you? (It's ok none of us do.) Well setting up a senecio session with us is the perfect way to have an afternoon out with your senior doing something fun capturing who they are in this stage in their live and creating memories and art work that will hang in your home until the next major life event!

On-Location Portraits

Most of our senior sessions take place on-location so that we can get out and go somewhere that is individual and special to each of our seniors! We plan out locations and times based on when the best time to photograph a location will be but plan the locations around what is important or will be memorable to the senior. So many times I have gone places with my seniors and they tell me stories about cool things that happened at the place we choose to take their photos and on top of their cool story we are making more memories in that special location.

Studio Portraits

In addition to on-location portraits we do a variety of studio portraits. If this is more your style or if you have something specific and special in mind we would love to hear it! We are always open to new cool ideas and long to make art anywhere we are! Ideas of things we have photographed in the studio are high contrast athlete images, higher fashion outfits, cool hair stuff, really anything you can come up with that needs a controlled environment we can get set up!

How To Book A Senior Portrait Session

Booking a session is easy just click on the button below and fill out the little contact form. Mention in that form that you are looking for senior photos and we will be so happy to help you pick out the package that is right for you and discuss how we can plan a perfect session for your senior!

Senior Photo Samples



Tyler Lucas - 2021 Senior

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"The photo session went great and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Really enjoyed how Casey made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. And can’t forget about that gorgeous sunset at the end of the session."

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