Sports & Passions Sessions

What Is It?

The sports and passions sessions are one of the most fun sessions that we get to do! It is where we take a senior to their happy place, put them in their uniforms and in their element, and make magic! Any of our previous seniors will tell you the highlight of their photo experience (after my jokes of course) was the time they got to make EPIC photos doing what they love. This is a time not to just take photos for mom's wall or for the yearbook but to make photos that each of the seniors will love and enjoy both making and looking at for years to come.

Sports & Passions Examples


Angela Jones - Senior Mom

"I love this picture! Casey was so patient and never rushed the perfect shot. He listened to Brendan and worked overtime to fulfill visions he had dreamed up in his head. Casey took the time to really get to know the personality of my son and that time spent comes through in the pictures. I feel like this picture demonstrates Brendan’s quiet reflection and the respect he holds for the game he loves and has played from a child. Thanks for capturing these amazing shots, Casey."